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I can trace my desire to capture moments on camera back to when I was a young child playing with my Matchbox cars. I would line them up and do photoshoots with them, and then put the photos in photos albums as records for them. The real significance of photography came when I saw my first dolphin at Sea World. As a kid growing up in New Mexico I had a fascinaton with dolphins. Snapping a photo with my new camera of that first dolphin I'd ever seen in person and coming home and getting it printed and framed to have it on my wall as a reminder of that experience made the camera a very special tool for me early on, and for that I am very thankful.

However, my true love for photography didn't surface until much later in life while watching friends taking photos on a trip. We were all taking photos of the same place, but their photos were much different than mine. Seeing their perspectives in their photos made me look and think about things much differently after that. I'm a self-taught photographer through the help of my partner, and over the past few years my passion and eye for photography has grown and evolved. I'm thankful for photography because it helps me express myself creatively and increases my desire to get out and explore the world.


/per'spektiv/ - It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see…


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Below is a sampling of my portfolio.
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